Introduction to Hoopla Classes

What’s all the hoopla? Come learn about downloading and streaming movies, TV series, music, eBooks, and more with hoopla!


Hanson Public Library
Wednesday August 8 at 10:00 am
Thursday August 21 at 6:00 pm


Instantly stream eBooks, eAudiobooks, comic books,  movies, tv series, and more on your mobile device or computer. The loan period is 21 days. Borrow a maximum of 4 titles per month (monthly limit resets on the 1st of the month). Download the Hoopla Digital app on your mobile device, or access hoopla on your computer using a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Best feature? There are no waiting periods or late fees, and titles return automatically! This class will introduce you to Hoopla, help you create an account, and get you started watching, listening, or reading. Please bring your device (phone, tablet, or laptop) and library card!


Can’t make either of these classes, but still want to learn more? Check out this resource guide, or schedule an appointment with the Reference Librarian!


New Museum Pass! Zoo New England

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You can now visit the Franklin Park Zoo and the Stone Zoo with the library’s newest museum pass! Each pass admits up to 6 people for $9 per adult and $6 per child. Reserve your pass today!


Franklin Park Zoo
Address: 1 Franklin Park Road, Dorchester, MA 02121
Phone: 617-541-5466
The Franklin Park Zoo is a 72 acre zoo with over 200 species of animals! Some highlights include: The Tropical Forest (with gorillas, bats, dwarf crocodiles, ocelots, ring-tailed lemurs, capybaras, pottos, Baird’s tapirs, vultures, de brazza’s monkey, cotton-top tamarin and two pygmy hippopotamus), Outback Trail (with kangaroos, cockatoos, emus,and two North Island brown kiwis), and Giraffe Savannah (with Masai giraffes and Grevy’s zebras).

Stone Zoo
Address: 149 Pond Street, Stoneham, MA 02180
Phone: 781-438-5200
The Stone Zoo is a 26 acre zoo with over 70 species of animals! Some highlights include: Yukon Creek (with North American porcupines, American black bears, bald eagles, Canadian lynxes, Arctic foxes, great horned owls, and reindeer), Himalayan Highlands (with yak, snow leopards, markhor, Reeves’s muntjacs and black-necked cranes), and Treasures of the Sierra Madre (with jaguars, Chacoan peccarys, cougars, spectacled owls, Seba’s short-tailed bats, white-nose coati, tarantulas, ringtails, peregrine falcons, red-tailed boas, rosy Boas, and Gila monsters).