Homebound Delivery Service

Homebound Delivery Service is available to residents of Hanson, MA who are not able to come to the Library because they are homebound. ‘Homebound’ is defined as being generally confined to one’s residence either temporarily, due to illness or accident, or permanently, due to disability, age, or other mobility issues. This is a free service, and all formats of materials are eligible for delivery. Patrons may request specific titles or have a Library staff member choose materials based on the patron’s reading/viewing preferences. Homebound Delivery is a monthly service, and materials will be delivered by Hanson Public Library staff on the second Wednesday of the month at a scheduled time. See the complete Homebound Delivery Service Policy.

To apply for Homebound Delivery Service, patrons must have a Hanson Public Library card in good standing and complete a Homebound Delivery Service Application. Homebound individuals without a library card may register for a temporary card online or contact the Library for other ways to register. Complete a Homebound Delivery Service Application online, on paper, or over the phone. Forms must be returned to the Library or emailed to info@hansonlibrary.org

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    Requests for specific titles, authors, or series (you can provide a short list here, but future requests can be made by phone, email, or the Library’s online catalog):

    In applying for Homebound Delivery Service, I understand and accept that:*
    I will be responsible for payment of lost or damaged items, as determined by the Library.
    The Library will stop delivery if an item is lost or damaged and will resume delivery when the issue is resolved.
    My materials are due every month. I may request a renewal by contacting the Library.
    Library materials will be delivered to me on the second Wednesday of each month, unless another schedule has been arranged. I will have my current materials ready for pick-up when new materials are delivered.
    Unless I request otherwise, the Library will keep a record of items delivered to me for the purpose of selecting materials.
    I am unable to get to the Library at this time because I am homebound as defined in the Library’s Homebound Delivery Service Policy.
    I will notify the Library of any change in my homebound status, address, or phone number.