Mission & Planning

Vision Statement

The Hanson Public Library enriches, engages, and strengthens our community.

Mission Statement

The Hanson Public Library inspires curiosity and fosters life-long learning by connecting people and ideas. The Library provides access to a wide variety of resources, technology, and experiences in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Core Values

  • Service Excellence
    We strive to serve all patrons with excellence and support community needs in a welcoming, respectful environment.
  • Intellectual Freedom
    We believe in free, confidential access to information, knowledge, and ideas for all people.
  • Diversity
    We respect diverse experience and ensure equitable access to library materials and services.
  • Innovation
    We embrace new ideas and technologies and find innovative ways to provide value to our community.
  • Literacy & Learning
    We inspire curiosity and creativity to foster literacy, the joy of reading, and a love of learning.
  • Community & Collaboration
    We value the Library as a community space and build strong relationships with community partners.

2023-2024 Construction Grant & Planning Project

The Hanson Public Library is excited to announce it is applying for a grant through the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP). The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners announced the 2023-2024 MPLCP grant round on February 2, 2023. Information about the MPLCP and current grant round can be found here.

The Library submitted a Letter of Intent and municipal letter of support on April 26, 2023. The Board of Library Trustees appointed a Planning Committee and hired a consultant to work with the Library Director to complete the documents necessary for the full grant application, due on May 31, 2024. The Library gathered input from the community about Library services and the Library building to serve as the foundation for a new Strategic Plan and Library Building Program. These documents are the first steps in planning for the future of the Library and will be a guide to an architect. At the moment, both new construction and a renovation/expansion project are possible options. The Library issued an RFP on August 21, 2023 for a conditions assessment of the current facility, which the grant requires if a renovation will be considered.

To keep you informed about the planning project and grant application, this page will be updated with documents and information as we proceed. Please call the Library at 781-293-2151 or email kstolfer@hansonlibrary.org with any questions.

2023-2024 Grant Round Documents

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