Computers & Wi-Fi

Public Internet Computers
The library has five public computers available which are all Internet accessible and are networked to a color printer. Software available on these computers includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Users must accept our Internet Access Policy and Guidelines.

Wireless Internet
If your laptop or mobile device has a compatible wireless card or internal wireless capabilities, then you may access the Hanson Public Library’s free Wi-Fi HotSpot, which uses our high-speed broadband connection donated by Comcast.

Will I need any special settings or passwords to connect?
No. Your system should automatically detect our wireless network. If it does not, you can manually search for and connect to the network by clicking on the wireless network icon found on the right side of the taskbar in the lower right portion of the screen.

Are there any restrictions on my use of the Internet?
Wireless users agree to abide by the library’s Internet Access Policy and Guidelines. Downloading large files that adversely impact network performance may be terminated.

You can print from our public computers. You can also print to our wireless printer through your laptop or mobile device. You can even email documents from home to be printed. The cost to print is 10 cents per page. In addition, we have a wireless photo printer that produces 4×6 glossy photos. Print directly from your mobile device. Cost is 50 cents per photo.

Important Notice
For reasons of liability, library staff cannot assist with problems related to your wireless device or assist in making changes to your device’s settings and/or configuration. The library can not guarantee that your device will work with the library’s wireless access point.

Transmitting personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords is not recommended since the wireless network is not secure. The library is not responsible for any damage caused to your hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues, or consequences caused by viruses or hacking. Please take appropriate precautions when using this service.