Hanson Public Library Volunteer Application

    The Hanson Public Library welcomes and encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talents to enrich and expand library services. Individuals looking to volunteer at the Library must agree to the Volunteer Policy.

    All applicants, regardless of age, are required to undergo Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) checks, unless applying solely for virtual volunteer positions.

    To apply for a volunteer position, please fill out the form below. If you prefer, you may fill out a paper copy and return it to the Library or email it to kstolfer@hansonlibrary.org.

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    Age:* 13 or under1415161718 or older

    Grade:* Not applicableK-56-89-12

    Reason for volunteering:*
    Community Service RequirementWork experience/skill developmentPersonal enrichmentOther (please explain):

    Volunteer requirement for:* Not applicableGroup/organization:

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    Times you are available:*
    Times must be within the library's hours, which are listed next to each day.
    Mondays (9 am-5 pm): Not availableAvailable:
    Tuesdays (12 pm-8 pm): Not availableAvailable:
    Wednesdays (9 am-3 pm): Not availableAvailable:
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    Fridays (9 am-5 pm): Not availableAvailable:
    Saturdays (9 am-3 pm): Not availableAvailable:

    Volunteer positions you are interested in (select all that apply):*
    Please note that some tasks require the ability to walk, bend, kneel, reach, lift, push, etc.

    Volunteer Position Description Requirements
    Library Aide May include shelving materials, finding & retrieving items from the shelves, covering books Ages ???
    Office Work Volunteer May include filing, copying, shredding, assisting with mailings, organizing & refilling supplies, neatening public areas Ages 14+
    Shelf Reader Choose a section of shelving and make sure items are in order and labeled correctly Ages 14+
    Book Sale & Donation Organizer May include sorting donated books, organizing & filling shelves in book sale room Ages 18+
    Digital Materials Scanner Scan materials in the Historical Room for the library's digital collection Ages 16+??
    Strong computer skills
    Book Reviewer (Virtual) Submit written or video book reviews for the library's website & social media sites All ages
    Earn ? min/review
    Library Advocate (Virtual) Share library social media posts to get the word out about library news & events All ages
    Earn ? min/share
    Digital Content Creator (Virtual) Create content for the library's social media sites (e.g. library or book related photos or TikTok videos, book or movie trailers, video tutorials for library resources, etc.) All ages
    Earn ? min/post
    Earn ? min/video
    Teen Tech Assist library patrons with technology questions Grades 9-12
    Familiar with a variety of technologies; comfortable working with the public
    Reading Mentor Be paired with a child in grades K-4?? and help them build reading confidence Ages 14-18?
    Comfortable working with children
    Program Assistant May include assisting with publicity, preparing crafts, setting up furniture & equipment, checking in participants, taking photos, crowd control Ages 14+
    Comfortable working with the public
    Program Leader / Hobby Tutor Lead a program or class to share your interests or areas of expertise with others (e.g. chess, knitting, drawing, reading to children, etc.)
    *Chess tutor wanted in particular*
    Ages 14+
    Comfortable working with the public, possibly children
    Cleaning Volunteer May include dusting, wiping surfaces, washing windows, sweeping, refilling restroom supplies Ages 14+
    Groundskeeping Volunteer May include caring for plants, pulling weeds, raking leaves, sweeping walkways, picking up litter Ages 14+
    Maintenance Volunteer Assist with jobs such as painting furniture, spackling holes, replacing filters Ages 18+
    Special Projects Volunteer Examples include shifting collections, helping with weeding & item inventories, moving furniture Ages 18+?
    Fundraising Supporter Your information will be forwarded to a member of the Hanson Public Library Foundation who will contact you regarding fundraising opportunities Ages 18+

    Describe any skills, experience, or qualifications you have that may be relevant to the volunteer positions you selected above:

    Volunteer Application Agreement:*
    I have read the Volunteer Policy and agree to abide by its terms.

    Additional Forms:
    Completed forms may be brought to the library or emailed to kstolfer@hansonlibrary.org.

    • Waiver - Required of all applicants.
    • Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) - Required of all applicants, unless applying only for virtual positions (Book Reviewer, Library Advocate, Digital Content Creator).
      A copy of a government-issued photo ID must accompany the CORI form (e.g driver's license, passport, student ID, etc.).
      Please note that your information will also be used to run a Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check.
    • Parental Permission - Required if applicant is under age 18.