GIS available for Hanson

Geographic Information System has arrived on the Town of Hanson website !!

If you go to the Town website at

and click on the GIS mapping button on the lower right, you can get all sorts of geographical info about our town. It is recommended that if you want the aerial view, to load that one first, as it is dense. { that’s the Ortho Image} So is the zoning image better for a lower layer…the colors are not transparent.

Besides those 2 options, you can also look at parcels and get Assessor’s info on them, Index, aquifer,spot elevations, town topo, wetlands, stream, and streets.

There are some helpful directions posted on how to use the site.

More options can be made available, so if you are looking for specific info not yet on the site, a call to the Town Hall will let them know of your area of interest. In fact they are open to suggestions about what people want to find within this very useful program.

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