tsunami coverage from Newsbank

The library has the Newsbank database available for its patrons. You can access it through iBistro.

Newsbank has created a special report as seen in this email notification we received:

Tsunami Coverage – Natural Disasters, NewsBank’s Special Report, is
available to you as part of your NewsBank subscription.

This Special Report focuses on the devastating earthquake and tsunami that
hit the Indian Ocean area. Articles are from news sources in the region
hit by the disaster as well as from media around the world, providing you
with first-hand coverage and various perspectives and reactions.

Coverage includes:
*early articles about the earthquake and the tsunami
*disaster relief and disease prevention efforts
*emergency preparedness and response
*economic impact
*important websites

Some suggested search terms for finding more information in your NewsBank
products are:
*plate tectonics
*disaster relief
*emergency preparedness
*and others as listed on this site

Also included are
*maps of the Indian Ocean region
*maps of the individual countries affected
*pictures reflecting scenes of the disaster

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