Massachusetts Virtual Gateway

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The state of Massachusetts has launched a “Virtual
Gateway” for information on health and human
services programs. It’s accessible at .

Consumers can access two levels of information — Catalog and
Screening and Referral.

Catalog is an outline of services available,
starting with Basic Needs (Food & Nutrition,
Housing & Shelter, etc.) and moving into Family
Services, Physical Health, and so on. Each heading
has several links underneath it. Each
link has a varying amount of information
underneath it; “Food Banks” goes to a section with
information and several phone numbers to relevant
agencies, while “Service Organizations and
Advocates” (for elder affairs) leads to page with
nine links, most extensively annotated.

The Screening & Referral section
leads the visitor though an online survey to
determine the most useful programs. After you run
through the survey (and it is very quick) you’ll
get a table of programs for which the visitor may
qualify, comments (usually these are
requirements), and information on how to apply for
the program.

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