Brand New nonfiction titles for adults

If you resolve to get more exercise, or travel around the area a bit, try these for inspiration:

Walking the Cape and the Islands
It Happened on Cape Cod
Day Hikes Near Boston
Golf Rules and Etiquette Simplified
Recommended Bed and Breakfasts New England, 4th ed.
Basic Baseball Strategy
101 Dog Training Tips

Self help and development resolutions may be helped along by the following:

The Shamanic Way of the Bee: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Practices of the Bee Masters
Shine: A Powerful 4 Step Plan for Becomng a Star in Anything You Do.
The Secrets of Skinny Chicks
Why Am I Still Depressed?
The Water Prescription for Health, Vitality and Rejuvenation
Goodbye to Shy
Spiritual Journaling
Finding Forgiveness
Intuitive Reiki for our Times

In your daily life, these titles may be of interest:

Dealing With Difficult People
The Diabetes Snack, Munch,Nibble, Nosh Book, 3rd ed.
Zone PerfectCooking Made Easy
Easy Homeopathy
Law 101 : Everything You Need to Know About the American Legal System
Planning an Estate
Toughlove Prescription
Nature Friendly Garden
Chicken Coops: 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock
101 Ways to Boost Your Fortune on Ebay
The Timberframe Way

And in your spare time, you might like to read:

The Greatest U.S.Navy Stories Ever Told
Submarine Disasters
The Brother of Jesus
A Twist of Lemmon
Dunks, Doubles, Doping : How Steroids are Killing American Athletics
Firestarters: 100 Job Profiles to Inspire Young Women
Mind Race : a Firsthand Account of one Teenager’s Experience With Bipolar Disorder
Thicker Than Oil : America’s Uneasy Partnership with Saudi Arabia
Mecca and Main Street : Muslim Life in America after 9/11
Robot Builder’s Bonanza

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