Meet Julia Child!

The Hanson Public Library Foundation cordially invites you to

Meet Julia Child!

Meet Julia ChildPresented by the Delvena Theatre Company

Hanson Public Library
Sunday, October 18, 2015
3:00 pm

Meet Julia Child! is a live performance featuring Lynne Moulton as Julia Child, the beloved French chef doing what she did best: cooking and talking. Learn about Julia’s life – from her privileged childhood to her becoming a culinary legend. Watch “Julia” give a fun, entertaining cooking demonstration on the set of The French Chef using authentic 1970 ingredients. After the performance, “Julia” and her assistant will open up a discussion with the audience and answer questions. This event is free but requires preregistration. To register, sign up online, email, or call 781-293-2151. Due to seating limitations, registration will be checked at the door to ensure that people who sign up in advance will be guaranteed a seat.

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