FortNite Battle Royale Tournament

Got a couple Victory Royales under your belt and fancy yourself good at Fortnite? Come prove your skill at our Hanson Library Fortnite Solos Tournament!

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, we’re hosting a Fortnite tournament at the Hanson Library, located a132 Maquan St, Hanson, MA.  Tournament entry is FREE and you DO NOT need to be a library member to attend. Friendlies begin a9:00AM, official tournament brackets start at 9:30AM. Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place! 


Registration opens September 20th!

  • Players will be pitted against each other for each match in the bracket.
  • A player’s score is determined by what placing they achieve in their drop, minus 5 points for every kill. If a player achieves a Victory Royale, they receive a 5 point bonus.
  • Each player will do up to two drops per match, on whatever platform they prefer. Only their best drop is used to calculate their score for each match.
  • The player with the LOWEST score wins the match.
  • Ties are broken by taking the score from the previously unused drop.
  • After a player is killed, they must remain on the kill screen and alert a staff member to record their score. If a player leaves this screen and cannot prove their score, they are automatically given 100 points for that round.
  • As long as they follow the in-game rules of a standard online matchmaking and do not exploit any glitches, players may utilize any play style they like, including hiding, hunting other players, building bases, etc.
  • All matches must take place on North American servers.
  • Whereas all elements are randomized and players have an equal likelihood of finding loot, ALL weapons, vehicles, and items are fair game.
  • If a player is kicked mid-game, they may either take their score from the match when they left the game, or they may do that match over.