Everybody Hates Ticks!

Thursday, March 7, 6:30pm

Everyone hates ticks! But, New Englanders should enjoy the outdoors without worrying about ticks. The key is awareness and education, not fear.

Ticks are a re-emerging threat to human health. The diseases they carry can have life-changing consequences. But, understanding tick biology holds the key to preventing tick bites and disease. Many people know something about ticks. But, misinformation may leave them vulnerable. Knowing the correct information is the key to staying safe and healthy.

Join our workshop!

  • Mysteries behind tick biology and ecology
  • History of tick-borne disease in America from past to present
  • Empowering protection methods
  • Anti-tick landscaping

Join Blake Dinius, Plymouth County Extension’s Entomologist Educator, for this educational event!