Little Bee, Big World

Thursday, April 4, 6:30pm

Our little bees live in a big world rife with challenges and constant pressure to survive.

Massachusetts is home to at least 365 species of native bees. Each of these has unique requirements, behaviors, and seasonality.

If we truly want to help bees, we need to start thinking more deeply about our uniquely American bees. These bees have evolved alongside our native plants for millennia. How can we recognize their needs? Which plants should we grow to best suit their dietary restrictions? How should we treat our gardens and yards to provide suitable homes?

Join our workshop! We will review science-based information on how we can prevent America’s bees from becoming America’s lost bees. Together, we will review the following:

  • The myriad lifestyles of our native bees
  • The intimate relationship forged between native bees and native plants over millions of years
  • Challenges native bees face in quickly changing human landscape
  • Gardening tips to helps support our native bees

Join Blake Dinius, Plymouth County Extension’s Entomologist Educator, for this educational event!